almost members!

Today we FINALLY made it to one of the membership retreats at church. We all, for once, happened to be healthy, not working… oh, and there was no football on. The service was a good one based on gratitude, and Griffin spent that part with us. He was so well behaved and he loved the singing! After that was lunch and the membership program. There we got to learn a lot more about the church’s history (the first African American, female, and openly gay ordained ministers!) and their philosophy. We completely fell in love. This church is passionate about the fact that there is no “right” belief or doctrine. They see faith or spirituality as a journey and while we may not all believe the same thing, we’re all along for a similar ride. This extends to the youth in the church as well. They feel it is important for kids to learn about all other religions, including visiting local synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship. They also encourage them to question the act of “faith” or “belief” and to then seek their own answers. I am so thrilled that Drew and I have finally found a place that is so in line with our own values, and I am especially excited for Griffin to grow up in a community like this- it is always what I pictured for him. We will officially become members as part of the December 4th service. We can’t wait!

I think my favorite part of today though was after we got home. Griffin and I shared a very ripe fall pear, bite for bite. Griffin ADORED the experience with wide eyes and juice dripping down his chin. I hope I always remember the small things.


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