Well, the day didn’t go exactly as I had planned. We started out with a trip to Urgent Care after we realized that Griffin’s fever had risen to nearly 105. While they basically just said it was a virus that we’d have to wait out (with an ear infection on top of it), I was much more at ease knowing that it wasn’t anything dire. Still didn’t make Griffin feel any less sick though. And, unfortunately, every pharmacy we stopped at was closed for the holiday so we weren’t able to start him on his antibiotics today.

We picked my brother up from the airport on the way to my parent’s house. It was awesome to see him again, especially since he hadn’t seen Griffin since he was a newborn! We visited and snacked before we sat down to an incredible meal. Griffin did very well all day considering how sick he’s been, but he did have a breakdown at dinner, and wasn’t interested in trying many new foods. I think the poor thing was exhausted. So Drew and I tag teamed consoling him while still managing to eat at least some of all of my favorite dishes.

our beautiful Thanksgiving table

I was sad for a few minutes that Griffin was sick for his first Thanksgiving, but then I realized that this is just one holiday of hundreds we’ll have together. And that we’re so fortunate that he’s a healthy and happy kid overall. I realized that I need to stop thinking about the way I’d like things to be and start enjoying the way things are. Because we really are living the good life. My tiny family, the lives we’ve chosen and work hard for, and the home we’ve made together are perfect. Everything is as it should be, and everything is wonderful.


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