Wednesday is the Best Day

Well… the best day of the work week anyway.

Drew is home on Wednesdays. That means I get to leisurely get myself ready for work in the morning instead of rushing around getting Griffin and I both together and out the door. It means I get to lay in bed for an extra few minutes, take an uninterrupted shower, get dressed without worrying where my child has crawled off to. Sometimes, like today, Drew even gets out of bed early and goes out into the cold morning to get us breakfast burritos from down the street. These are the only mornings during the week I have time to sit and eat breakfast with my boys.

Normally Drew keeps Griffin home with him which means I get to come home and have lunch with both of my favorites. Today Griffin went to daycare because Drew had to go out and fix something at the old house. It worked out well though because Drew came and took me out to lunch and then we walked down and explored more of downtown Golden. It was so nice and relaxing, almost like we were on a date.

Wednesdays also mean that I don’t have to pick Griffin up at daycare, and since I have been able to semi-relax all day (in comparison, at least) I actually feel motivated to make a good dinner. Tonight I made up a recipe- mahi mahi with citrus chile cream sauce. I served it with wilted chard and mini corn quesadillas. It was AMAZING, if I do say so myself.

It’s incredible what a difference having help makes. I feel so grateful for having Drew and the times he is available to be my parenting partner. Days like these are necessary for my well-being. I would NOT be able to do it alone.


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