Wonderful Winter Weekend

Despite the fact that Griffin is sick AGAIN, this was a great weekend full of lots of holiday warmth. Friday night Drew and I actually had a date night! We left Griffin with my parents and got to enjoy our first dinner alone since our anniversary! We went to Steubens’s- one of our favorite Denver restaurants, and it was AMAZING. The food really was great, but the fact that we could just sit back and enjoy a meal in peace was worth it’s weight in gold. Griffin really is the perfect kid, but every now and again a break is truly needed!

Yesterday we went up to Evergreen (as Christmas-y a place as any) and spent the day walking around the historic downtown, shopping, and picking out our Christmas tree! We got new stockings from the Green Merchant, a really cool little shop that only sells green and fair trade products. Our stockings are GORGEOUS and were hand made in Nepal by people making a fair wage. I think Griffin’s is adorable.

what a great way to start out his holiday traditions!

Then we went and got our tree. This is such an important event for me. As long as I can remember, picking out a tree signals the true beginning of the holidays. There is so much joy in walking through the crisp, pine scented air and choosing the perfect specimen- the one who will adorn our home and symbolize the holiday for us. I have so many incredible memories of this very thing and I want that so much for Griffin. Not having lead and PVCs hanging around our living areas from a fake Christmas tree  is just a bonus. Plus, our house smells incredible.

G & I after our tree was tied to the car destined for its new home!

I made spiced hot apple cider and we put up all the lights and garland- a job in of itself. And then Griffin got to hang the very first ornament. He doesn’t seem interested in the tree at all- in fact, he almost acts like he thinks it just belongs there.

we haven’t even finished hanging most of the ornaments and I still find it stunning

Griffin woke up EARLY this morning. The only good part about that was the fact that he napped early and long and that I got to nap while he did that. It was the most delicious bit of sleep I’ve ever had. I think having a child means no longer taking anything for granted! After that, we went to church and then hung around Boulder for a bit. We got some more Christmas shopping done for Griffin which is more fun than I could have ever expected. I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas! Drew got to watch his Broncos earn another victory and I worked on a few handmade gifts. Now I plan on snuggling into bed with my book. Life is so, so good. And I love that this season always puts that into perspective for me.


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