the life and times of our resident 11 month old

Griffin is awesome. A day does not go by where he is not either cracking us up or totally impressing us. Here are a few highlights of recent Griff action:

– he is now 100% DONE with baby food. In fact, if you try to serve him any, he becomes incredibly offended and will attempt to punch it right out of your hand. Kid food adventures have already consisted of chicken, ham, pizza, broccoli, couscous, carrots, noodles, veggie burgers, waffles, toast… the list goes on and on. He is an eating machine! He is also 100% on milk bottles now. NO MORE FORMULA!!! WOOT!!!
– he is a WALKER!! Well, not completely on his own. But it is definitely his preferred method of getting around, so he’ll walk around the house with things like a laundry basket or a cardboard box for support. He thinks he’s pretty cool.
– he thinks it is HILARIOUS to squirm and twirl around during diaper changes, making it impossible to re-clothe him. He laughs until he can barely breathe, ESPECIALLY if he’s making it hard for me to clean poop. He is the only one that enjoys this game.
– he loves to draw! His closet doors are painted with chalkboard paint and the other night I handed him a piece of chalk to see what he would do. Once he realized it wasnt food, he was totally enchanted by making art. It *almost* made me feel better about the fact that he is currently refusing to let me read to him.

– he was SO GOOD waiting in line for Santa. He loved watching all the other kids and hanging out. He spent the (what felt like) HOURS in line chatting and clapping. But once it was time to sit with Santa, he looked as though we had betrayed him. We got a couple of decent pictures before he crinkled up his face to cry. Luckily I was able to “save” him just in time. We told him that one day this Santa dude would be his FAVORITE GUY EVER.

I didn’t even think this Santa was that creepy!

– the other day at drop off, G and I were the only ones in his classroom because everyone was starting out the day in the other infant room. As I was putting his stuff away, he saw his friend, Brandon, through the glass so he crawled over as fast as he could, started laughing and pounding on the window. Once Brandon saw him, he started Grinning and pounding in return. Once they realized they weren’t getting any closer to each other, Brandon crawled over to the door, stood up, and tried turning the knob to let Griff in! It was sweet and hilarious at the same time!
– Drew somehow has trained Griffin to clap for football. And it isnt just like he sees a football player and claps. No, when football is on, the kid sits in rapt silence, eyes focused on the screen, and he intermittently claps while the ball is in play. *sigh*. Looks like Drew may have won this battle. BUT NOT THE WAR!!

I’m sure there is more, but that is all that is coming to mind right now. I am currently creepily excited because I just got notice that Griffin’s owl sweater has arrived from Kenya! Perfect timing! Luckily I only work a half day tomorrow so we can go pick it up. Drew and I also “helped Santa” buy his big Christmas present this weekend. We found this awesome bat cave play set meant for kids aged 1-4, complete with these super chunky Batman & Robin figures. Too cute. I can’t wait for Christmas.


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