A Blustery Solstice

Today didn’t go anything like I had planned, but that is actually ok. I had a really bad day the other day and Drew reminded me of the way Griffin was born- that it was nothing like we had planned or imagined, that all kinds of things seemed to go wrong, yet it was exactly as it should be and in the end, it was perfect. Today was like that, only on a much smaller scale!

We got POUNDED with snow last night. There was well over a foot by morning.

it was actually up to my knees!

I was hoping beyond hope for a snow day, but when I woke up I found out we were only on a two hour delay. While irritated, it also gave me enough time to have a nice breakfast with Griffin, shovel the steps and around my car while he napped, and finish my co-worker’s Christmas gifts.

chalkboards made out of metal serving trays!

By the time I was able to get everything together and Griffin dropped off at daycare, it was almost 11. But once I got to work, my boss told us she wanted to take us out to lunch! So around 1, we all got bundled up and walked through the quiet, beautiful streets to downtown. When we got back at 2:30, there was an e-mail that the University was closing in an hour due to the snow! So while it wasn’t a full day off, it was extremely short- and it was actually a really great time.

I had planned to make a traditional spice cake for solstice tonight, but I still needed many ingredients and the last thing I wanted to do after work was drive through the snow to the grocery store, so I gave up the idea. But when I got home, I found out that Drew had gotten home early too and he brought us cupcakes! So even though it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, we still managed an awesome dessert!

After dinner, I did make wassail for solstice and it was delicious. Drew and I also decorated a pomander and put it in the tree.

the wassail is for a “bounty” in the coming year and the pomander is to celebrate the return of the sun!

Then came the best thing ever. We had just finished with the menorah and the pomander when we were going to carry Griffin downstairs. He grabbed my shirt and looked at me, then tapped me on the chest and said “mama”. My eyes welled with tears and I asked Drew if he thought he knew what he was saying. Drew said “Griffin- who is that?” and again he said “mama”. So I praised him, told him how smart he was, and asked if he could also say “dada”… and he DID! We asked him again if he knew who Drew was and he said “dada”. It was so magical… I could never have asked for a better present. After that, we all snuggled in and enjoyed our cozy home and our beautiful family. It was actually the perfect day.


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