…And we’re back!!

So mere days after I posted about Griffin’s recovery, he and I both came down with the stomach flu. Luckily the icky symptoms themselves were fairly short lived, but his subsequent hunger strike lasted for DAYS. I started to panic just as his regular one year appointment came up. They checked him out from top to bottom and deemed him super healthy and 100% normal. His RSV is gone, his ears are looking just about healed, and she said that it is totally normal for a kid not to eat for up to a week following a flu so that was ok too. His height & weight were totally on track and he took his vaccinations like a champ! Drew even asked if it was normal that Griffin is getting sick THIS often and she said that unfortunately, the first two years in daycare look a lot like this, and that this has been a particularly bad year for illness on top of it, so my fears of some kind of autoimmune disease were unfounded. Thank god.

Since our weekends as of late have been fraught with illness, the house has been in shambles and we have been beyond exhausted. That is why today was one of my favorite days in recent history. Except for an early morning excursion for pancakes, I have spent the entire day in my pajamas.

We watched a movie, got some chores done, did lots of playing and relaxing, and I even made a batch of the most incredible brownies ever. Griffin was nothing but adorable and perfect all day which made it even nicer. Ah, now THIS is the life. We totally needed this.

Fingers crossed that the good times keep coming and that my boy is over the worst of this winter’s illnesses.


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