Family Day Out

Since I worked last Saturday, I decided to take a half day today and play with the boys. We had an awesome time! First we went to lunch at the Mead Street Station which was always one of “our places” when we lived in our old neighborhood. We hadn’t been there since we moved (6 months or so ago) and we missed it so it was time to check in. When we got there, the waitress oohed and ahhed over how big Griffin had gotten, and then asked if we wanted the nachos with no meat and pico on the side- GOOD MEMORY! So she automatically got a great tip. After lunch, we went to the Downtown Aquarium. At first, Griffin couldn’t really figure out what was going on… but after a few minutes, he had a BLAST! It was so much fun to show him all of the different exhibits.

right when we got there. “yeah- stingray. so what? I’m bored- what else you got?”
checking out fish with dad. this is much better.
up close & personal with the sharks
under the sea. G thought this was AWESOME & didn’t want to come out.
moon jellyfish
mama & a barracuda. Doesnt get much better.

Random video while we were having our picture taken in the photo booth:

And this is just as Drew was getting hyper over a turtle:

Griffin took a nice nap on the way home and then we just spent the rest of the evening hanging out and playing! I wish we could have more weekdays like that.

Griffin will have his first partial day in the toddler room at school tomorrow. I cant believe how big he is getting. It seems like just yesterday he was my tiny baby and now all of a sudden within the past two weeks he is walking, using a straw in a cup, pointing, and using non verbal methods to communicate. Oh, AND he is using his own spoon to feed himself!

Ok, so it isn’t pretty, but he’s still totally doing it! I’m so proud.


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