My Son, the Toddler

As promised, Griffin started spending parts of his days in the toddler room! It has been going amazingly well and I am actually really surprised he adjusted so quickly. He now takes just one nap a day (on a cot, no less!), he sits sweetly during circle time (which is a group story or song), and he eats a communal lunch with all the other kids. I am so proud! I think this has actually encouraged him to walk more often too. All of the kids in the toddler room are fairly strong walkers, so he has to keep up! He seems to adore it and they love him over there. In fact, one of his new teachers made us this cute poster of his first day in the room:

I cant tell you how happy it makes me that he is SMILING in most of these pictures!

One of my favorite parts of him moving over is that he gets to be reunited with his buddies, Brandon & Everett that left a month or so ago. In fact, they are with him in two of the pictures on the poster. I love that he is already developing bonds. He’s definitely our sweet boy.

It was gorgeous today- 70s & sunny- so we took Griffin on a bike ride & to the park. He is a HUGE fan of the toddler swings so he spent about 15 minutes flying back and forth while continuously laughing and grinning. It made Drew and I SO excited for the coming spring and summer, and we promised Griffin that he’d get to do that a lot in the future!

So like I mentioned before, Drew painted the office a few weeks ago. I was lazy about posting pictures, but here they are:

the yellow is actually WAY more muted than it seems, but the flash makes it look intense. It looks gorgeous in person!

we finally framed our Dylan poster collection! The one on the left is from the first time we saw him together in April 2003!

it feels so fun & comfortable!

Drew also put in countless hours of backbreaking work to put slate down in our back entryway! He was SO worried about it, but he did an incredible job.

dont mind the dirty door… the white is being repainted!

I think it is absolutely gorgeous. And I’m even more proud that he taught himself how to do it! Now to sic him on the downstairs bathroom…


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