worst mother of the year award

Griffin is a bipedal machine. He is super proud of his new skill and walks around everywhere his little legs will take him. This has also increased his curiosity by leaps and bounds, something I have not quite gotten used to. On Sunday morning, the weather was beautiful so I opened the front door, leaving the screen door closed so that we could enjoy the breeze. Unfortunately I forgot to also lock the screen door (there is no latch). A few minutes later, a very happy Griffin saw his daddy walking up the front stairs, he got excited, pushed open the door and attempted to walk out onto the porch. Since Griffin has not yet mastered stairs, my boy took a face plant onto the welcome mat. He was fine after consoling, except for his Rudolf red scraped nose and his mom’s broken heart.

a sweet picture of the boys at bedtime. You can still see G’s red nose days later…

Griffin’s walking and cup using skills have also earned him a full time spot in the toddler room! He will start there permanently next week. Not only is it a better fit for him, but it’s cheaper for us! WOO! Just $100/month, but its something!


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