Spring Has Sprung

All of my prayers, whines, and complaints have been answered and it’s been consistently gorgeous for a week or so now. That’s not to say it wont snow again sometime soon (it IS Colorado, after all) but my spirit has been lifted for sure. We’ve also been able to get out a lot more! Friday afternoon Drew and I both got out of work early so we took Griffin to the park and let him swing and then we all dipped our toes in the river. (Griffin wasn’t exactly pleased about the toe dipping- not sure if it was too cold or if he thought we were going to try to send him down stream).

Yesterday started with the most hilarious thing. I was trying to get breakfast made so I gave Griffin a pot and a wooden spoon thinking he could occupy himself with drumming. Well, he flipped the pot over and pretended he was stirring and eating instead! Smart kid!!

After breakfast, we went for a nice long walk downtown and then we played with bubbles (an early Easter present from Grammy B!) on the front porch. Griffin had a BALL. He also really loves standing at the front door (with the screen FIRMLY LATCHED) and yelling in Griffin-ese to the neighborhood.

Today we decided to explore the bike paths around our house a bit more and we discovered a little playground just 4 blocks or so from home. Griffin had the time of his life on the slides!

And the monkeybars!

And just hanging out!

We walked farther down the bike trail and it eventually took us to the river- so it’s awesome to know we have a safe, quiet way to get down there! It was a beautiful path too!

By then we had waked all the way back down to the big park with the swings Griffin likes so we let him do a bit more swinging.

he was making his high pitched, excited, happy squeals here

blowing raspberries at the kid swinging next to him

After that, we relaxed by the river a bit more before walking home.

This has seriously been one of the best weekends we’ve had in months. I’m in love with spring and my family and our town. Swoon.


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