Most Adorable.

Griffin has been shy at daycare drop off ever since he started in the toddler room. I can understand why- there are lots of new, bigger kids and he doesn’t know the room or the teachers that well yet. He doesn’t cry, but he also doesn’t want to let go of my hand and he hovers right next to me. He was especially clingy this morning- I’m sure because it is Monday and he got used to being home- so he frozen in the doorway looking nervous. All of a sudden Tanner, one of the little boys in his class, toddled up & started babbling to him, and then he gave Griffin a HUGE hug and offered him the little car he had been playing with! It made me all misty it was so sweet. And even though Griffin still looked shy afterwards, he didn’t look nearly as nervous. It’s amazing how fast compassion shows up!


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