Awesome Day of Awesomeness

Today has been pretty much my favorite day ever. Ok, maybe “ever” is pushing it, but I’m still basking in its glow regardless. It was a gorgeous morning, so we walked downtown, picked up breakfast along the way, and ate down by the river. It was sunny and gorgeous and the beauty made everything taste better. We had a half hour to kill before the farmers market started so we took Griffin back to Parfet to go down the slide and play in the grass. He had a BLAST and ran around like a madman. After that, it was off to the first market of the season!

I got fresh local asparagus, strawberries, whole wheat pasta, and even an heirloom tomato plant from Star Acre Farms. Griffin loved watching all the different people and dogs that were there. Then on the way home, we stopped for a free horse drawn carriage ride!

I planted my tomato plant in the front garden bed as soon as we got back. I cant wait for it to grow and grow! After Griffin’s nap, we decided to go for a hike at Mt. Galbraith. It was pouring rain when we first got there and we almost turned around, but we decided to wait it out. I’m SO GLAD we did because it was an amazing hike and the rain cooled things down to the perfect temperature. Plus, I think the gray skies made the scenery even better.

And all of that happened before 2:00!! We are currently relaxing while I decide what to make for dinner and what movie we should rent. But we’re all insanely happy (even Griffin who has been an angel all day!) we needed this!


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