Busy Week

This has been a very busy week around our house. I started my new job on Monday!! It has been an absolutely amazing experience so far, but my brain has also been completely jammed full of information so it’s been exhausting as well. Student Life is INCREDIBLE. It really is the pulse of the campus! Here are the first 5 fun/ interesting things that came to the top of my head about the first week of work:

1. I got to pick out my new office (which has great views of Lookout Mountain and Mount Zion) including the paint colors (I opted for a neutral with a dusty red accent wall), furniture etc.

2. I got to learn a lot more about my new boss and He. Is. Awesome. He’s all about professional development and support/ challenge so I will get my own professional development account that I can use for conferences, memberships, magazines, supplies, whatever I want. He is letting us set our own hours, and he said that if we are still working there in 3 years, he will start sending us job announcements because he believes if we do our job well, we should all be moving on to bigger & better things!

3. I will be managing two classes- CSM 101 (the college intro class that every single Mines freshman is required to take) and Academics 101 (for students being readmitted after being academically dismissed). This means I will write and teach all curriculum, supervise 38 professors and 72 Peer Mentors, and manage our (giant) budget. I had to figure out fringe for my employees, people. FRINGE. As Cory would say: Like A Boss! 🙂

4. fun fact: the CSM campus is powered, in part, by excess steam from the Coors Brewery. It flows underground, melting any snow on our sidewalks along the way!

5. free schwag:

Griff has also had a busy week. He was learned several new words (banana, cookie, water, juice, and how to roar like a lion) and he has also learned how to blow kisses! Cutest thing EVER. He’s been all about the movie Puss in Boots and we have watched it more times than I can count. Luckily its pretty funny. And yesterday, he apparently had a Butt Explosion at school, so he came home wearing this:

note the track pants and fleece vest with no shirt

Oh, and also, I’m pregnant.


Due March 24th.

Has that sunk in yet for you? Because it hasn’t for me!

We’re still VERY early on (8 weeks today!) so we’re not posting it on Facebook or blasting our family and friends with phone calls. In fact, we’re still at the “anything can go phase”. Like with Griffin, my progesterone levels have been VERY low with this baby. Even lower, actually. So I am on Prometrium again and we just have our fingers super crossed. But we know very few people read this blog (most of the people that do probably already know, and if this is news, then shhhh!) but I just sorta needed to write about it, since it’s a pretty major thing in our life right now!

Which also contributes to the busy week, of course.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend!


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