Out of nowhere, Griffin has started answering us whenever we ask if he’s ready- for anything. 

me: ok, it’s bath time! Ready?
Griffin: READY!!
Drew: ok, we’re going to leave now! Ready?
Griffin: READY!!
Best thing ever. This age is so challenging, but it’s so sweet and perfect too. I wish I could replay those wonderful moments all throughout his life. I want to believe I will remember them when he is 9 and 16 and 25 but I have a feeling they will dim like most things do. It breaks my heart.
Speaking of broken hearts, Griffin currently has a really bad cold (or maybe flu) which I suspect may be turning into yet ANOTHER ear infection. Daycare called to have me pick him up on Friday afternoon- he was lethargic & had a fever of 103. The rest of the weekend, it has seemed to come and go, but this evening he was just SO miserable. He didn’t touch lunch or dinner, and he just laid on his tummy moaning and watching tv before falling fast asleep at 6:30. SO out of character for him. I wish I could take it all away and make him feel good again. I wish it was me that felt miserable instead. I hate feeling so powerless. I hope he’s better tomorrow.
I’ve been feeling dizzy pretty much 24 hours a day ever since our new peanut settled in. I take it as a good sign so I don’t complain too much- though it DOES make it difficult to do the most normal things! We get to see New Baby K via ultrasound on Friday. I cant wait!! Hoping all goes well!

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