Life, In Pictures

I’m majorly behind on blogging. Mostly because I feel like crap lots of the time, and yet somehow childcare and housework still needs to be done, so by the time dinner is cleaned up and Griff is in bed, I’m spent. Here is a halfway attempt though. It’s lot of recent pictures and videos with little snippets of explanation instead of long winded detail. That’s ok, right?

we had fireworks in August to make up for the July 4th cancellation
this is from our front porch!
while adorable, this is also mid-climb, so he’s actually being bad. 
cutest shopper ever 
meet our future running back
at the Mumford & Sons concert at Red Rocks! 
our first date night since APRIL!

we were so excited we put on our regular faces

Ship Rock

show made us swoon
sharing fresh cinnamon donuts with mama at the Farmers Market
hide & seek

day at the Children’s Museum 
Griff had a BLAST (as shown by his blur)
playing in the Pond & Meadow 
checking out the cave
catching a fish aboard the SS Minnow 
loving the magnets 
our Resident Artist at work
waiting for the bubble to drop 
after popping it with daddy
our Blur catching bubbles.  CUTEST. EVER.
so close!
got it!! 
the first time New Baby K has been caught on film. This was about 2 weeks ago. I know these things are hard to discern, but the baby is in the middle left of the screen & is almost “standing upright”. Head is turned to our left (you can see the tiny eyes & nose) and little arms & legs are sticking straight out. Good lookin’ kid. 🙂


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