I have been crying lately. A LOT. Like it’s My JOB. In between feeling like I’m going to puke and actually puking, of course. This is SO NOT what my pregnancy was like with Griffin!

So here, in no particular order, are some of the random things that have made me cry lately:

1. The National Conventions. On both sides. (I may not be alone in that one)

2. Most songs. Seriously. Even my favorites are making me weep. This one in particular:

3. A dog food commercial. (no joke)

4. The story of my nephew, William’s, awesome new 1st grade teacher.

5. Griffin CONSTANTLY telling me “no” and throwing huge tantrums of doom.

6. This (especially the end):

7. Drew stepping up and offering to help me in ways he never has before.
8. This awesome little note my sweet friend, Stacey just sent me:
I think you’re a good mom.. b/c you have a good heart and you want what’s best for your kids.. that doesn’t mean you’re perfect .. <img alt="
but G and Baby K will know and feel with their whole beings that they are loved
I have no doubt about that

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