Big Kid

Griffin is learning and growing up so fast. SO. FAST. I mean, I literally feel like we just brought a tiny little punkin home from the hospital yesterday and all of a sudden I have this monster kid. He’s been picking up new words and phrases every single day, he knows songs (he sings along with Mumford and Sons!), and he’s emotionally maturing too, recognizing when others (even mama! or Scarlett!) need a hug. He likes to clean up after himself and do things on his own. The do things on his own part has been a MAJOR theme lately and is how we came about some of his other “growth experiences” this weekend!

Yes, all of this curiosity and coordination and development led to our worst fear: he figured out how to climb out of his crib.

I knew he didn’t WANT to take a nap, but he never WANTS to. We usually just throw him in there and after 20 minutes or so of whining around, he sleeps. Magic! So I was a bit skeptical when there was not a peep coming from his room after only a minute or so. Then later, when I heard banging around (like elves working on a tiny wooden project), I figured he was just entertaining himself quietly. A few minutes after that we heard a crash followed by lots of crying. NOT. GOOD. But by the time I got to his room, he was standing in the doorway grinning at me.

So this is why Griffin is now officially sleeping in his big boy bed!

Drew worked on converting the crib into his toddler bed and I worked on intensely baby proofing (because who knows what he’d get into at midnight if so inclined). Then, after a few minutes we realized it was quiet. TOO QUIET. Normally Griffin is right underneath us and here he was nowhere to be found! We called for him, no response. We started to panic a bit. I raced downstairs and found him content in front of the tv! That means he opened the baby gate and WALKED DOWN STAIRS ALONE! Baby proofing just got a bit more intense. Obviously we’ll have to keep an eagle eye on him ALWAYS, but we also bought a new doorknob for his room so he cant let himself out at night. Where did my baby go?!?!

And, here is the smarty pants himself, waiting for the Broncos game. Man, I love him.


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