14 Weeks!

I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m doing everything later this pregnancy. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so sick lately, or maybe it’s because it’s number two so I’ve already figured most of this out. In any case, this is our first pregnancy picture!

This is what I look like at 14 weeks! I think I’ve definitely popped a bit earlier (here’s last time), though as with Griffin, I’ve actually lost weight so far instead of gaining anything!
Unfortunately, unlike with Griffin, I’ve still been sick. A lot. I keep thinking it’s getting better and then I’ll have a HORRIBLE day that makes me second guess that. Luckily, I haven’t had nearly the kind of exhaustion that I had with him, so there’s the trade off I guess. 
I gave my new boss the news last week, and he proceeded to give his bosses the news. I was FREAKED OUT, but they all seemed to take it really well. My maternity leave will be coming at a fairly bad time though (one of my busier times of the year) so we’re already having meetings about how best to plan around that. I’m really nervous because I want everything to go perfectly, run smoothly, and have them never second guess their decision in hiring me, so I’m working my butt off! Nothing like a bit of pressure to kick it into high gear. 
Drew and I went in to pick up Griffin from daycare today and one of his teachers said “are either of you part Italian?” we said no, having no idea what she was getting at, and she told us that Griffin sometimes speaks with what they call an “old school Italian accent”, ie he adds vowels to the ends of some random words. I’ve noticed it before but never thought much of it! But apparently one of the other kids he LOVES is named Crosby and every day he’ll say “heya, Bobbeee!” Good times, even if their assumption was a bit racist.

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