Fabulous Fall

We had an AWESOME weekend! One of those rare ones full of beautiful memories.

We ran the gamut of fall weather the past few days. Yesterday, it was cold and gray with occasional flurries. While I’m not ready for winter weather yet, I braved it to go to the Horseshoe Market with my friend, Lindsay. I found my mom an awesome birthday gift and I found LOTS of local artists who would make perfect contributions to a future nursery so I collected their cards! Once home, the boys and I snuggled in and watched movies. So cozy!

Then today we left the house early to go on a fall adventure. While there was some visible frost up in the mountains, our weather could not have been more perfect- sunny, crisp and 50s. We drove up to Boulder admiring the changing leaves and landscape along the way. Our first stop was to Snooze, an AMAZING breakfast place that we first tried in Denver. The Boulder location was brand new and even better! I had this sandwich which consisted of scrambled eggs, colby cheese, a homemade sausage patty and hollendaise sauce on a warm pretzel roll. BEST. THING. EVER. Even Drew took one bite and couldn’t stop raving. The boys adored their breakfasts too and then it was time to move on to our second stop- Yaya Apple Orchard in Longmont.

On the way to the orchard, we saw a bunch of hot air balloons floating through the sky! They were absolutely gorgeous hovering over the fields and changing trees. Griffin was BEYOND excited and kept screaming “BOON!! BOON!!” I wish we could have gotten better pictures, but we were driving and there was no good place to pull over. They made the ride even more fun though!

Drew and I have been looking for a long time for a good apple picking place that reminded us of our childhoods. We found one or two, but they weren’t much. And then we found Yaya. I cant tell you how blissed out I became just upon driving through the heavily wooded entrance and toward the barn. The entire farm is absolutely gorgeous and something out of an Americana painting. The second we got out and saw the animals, pond, buildings, pastures and the orchard all at the foot of the mountains, I knew this is a place that will always be ours. It’s the dreamy type of place that traditions are based on.

Just as I was thinking those thoughts, the farmer that owns the property came up to talk to us. He asked where we were from and when he heard Ohio, he said “ah- my type of people! I’m from upstate New York and all I wanted to do was recreate my childhood. That fall tradition of picking apples and sitting by a fire and watching leaves fly by as you sip cider. That trip you looked forward to all year long.” yes… YES!! That is EXACTLY what we were looking for!! He talked about how the farm was a total labor of love for him and how he and his wife took the overgrown and run down farmhouse and orchard and turned it in to what it is now with their bare hands. He talked about how the horses are like children to him and how when one dies, it is a huge loss, including a burial at pasture where the horse would always face “home”, toward the barn. But then when new animals are born it is a cause for celebration! He gave us carrots to feed the horses and donkeys with. Griffin was in absolute heaven.

After our chat and visiting with the animals, Griffin wanted to run free through the orchard, so we obliged.

He also LOVED throwing apples into our bag and tasting the sweets in the store. We left with a TON of various beautiful apples, a dozen homemade cinnamon cider donuts, and a jar of apple butter. I can’t wait to go back next year and every year after that!

On the way back, we stopped in Boulder again to pick up a purse I had been coveting. While we were there, we let Griffin play on the Chatauqua playground. We told him that his cousin, William, played there before G was ever born!

On the way back home, Griffin fell deep asleep (we wore him out!) and Drew and I enjoyed the view and the smell of fall in the air! We finished everything up with the Broncos game this afternoon (a loss, but fall-like none the less). It was truly an incredible weekend. And I spent it with my favorite people in the entire world.


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