Healthy Baby

The boys went to the doctor with me yesterday for my 17 week appointment and it went super well! I finally gained a couple of pounds which made the doc happy. I’m also measuring right on track & we got to listen to the perfect heartbeat! I got the results of the first half of our sequential screen which checks for genetic abnormalities and my chances are the lowest possible (chances of a woman my age having a baby with Downs Syndrome are 1 in 245. My results were 1 in 10000!)

We also fell in love with the doctor. During my pregnancy with Griff, I saw 5 different docs and they were all AWFUL- cold, no bedside manner, always in a rush, and not open to new ideas. I dreaded even talking to them on the phone, and that is part of the reason I switched to the midwives. We know that chances are I’ll have to have another c-section, but I hated the doctors so much that I thought about just staying with the midwives until delivery. Especially because my last appointment was actually with the doc that delivered Griff, and she was terrible- rude to Drew and belittling me for my questions. But yesterday I was assigned to a doc I never had before, and he. Was. Amazing. He was HILARIOUS, acted like he had all the time in the world for me, and was awesome with Griffin (complete with high fives & fist bumps). We had actually met him before while we toured the new hospital during Griff’s pregnancy & loved him then! So we decided that we’ll schedule this delivery around him. We’ll get to have the baby at any time during the 39th week (between March 28 & April 4) but we’re going to wait and see when he is scheduled for surgery before we make the decision! I HATE the idea of going through this surgery again, so I’m taking ANYTHING that will make me feel more at ease about it!

Griffin charmed the pants off of everyone at the doctors office, so they can’t wait to see him again too! He sweetly said “bye” to each of them on the way out & they all melted!

Our next appointment is at the end of November, and that is The Big One! We’ll have the full anatomy check including finding out the gender. I can’t believe we’re already almost halfway done- this is going by SO FAST!


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