A month or two ago I noticed a persistent itch- on my lower back, shins, and the sides of my head- that would NOT go away, no matter how much lotion or special shampoo I used. After lots of searching (it was making me CRAZY) I read that it is a fairly common pregnancy symptom, and then my doctor confirmed it at my next appointment. So, at least now I have a reason (albeit odd), even if I have no relief! This pregnancy has been so full of symptoms I’ve never experienced before! The human body is very weird.

Griffin has been a TERRIBLE sleeper ever since he transitioned into the big kid bed. Each night we have to put him back to bed at least 3 times (if not LOTS more) before he finally falls asleep. If we try to just let him “cry it out”, he’ll pass out on the floor by the door (cold and miserable). Then, lately, he’s also been waking up once in the middle of the night too- around 2 or 3am- and those are the WORST. I am a light sleeper and once I’m up, I’m up… so when he does that, it usually takes me at least 2 hours to fall asleep again. And since he’s up for the day around 5, I’m TIRED. It’s going to be really intense when we add a newborn to the mix!

Work has been INSANE lately and has me completely stressed out. I can’t wait until all of our students have registered and we can move on!


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