Its a Beautiful Day

In every way possible, today has been incredible. From waking up with the knowledge that I can remain proud of my government for the next four years, to the fancy breakfast and diversity speaker we had at work, to having lunch with my boys, to the weather…

but what the hell is up with Sunday?

Drew and I stayed up late last night to get the results. We were just too nervous to go to bed without knowing for sure. When the news broke that our home state of Ohio clinched it, we jumped up and screamed, hugged, high fived, and I may have cried a little. We’re lucky we didn’t wake up the boy. But it was such a magical and amazing moment.

I took a few blurry tv photos to show the kids one day

There is something about knowing that both of my children will have been born during the Obama presidency that I find lovely and perfect. I hope they are one day able to reap the benefit of the change his will continue to implement. It makes me dream of a more beautiful, fair, community oriented, yet independent, brave and strong country for them to grow up in. I feel like Obama has allowed me the ability to more openly and broadly daydream of all the opportunities they will have. What an incredible gift.


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