Little Helper

Griffin was incredibly sweet this morning. He let me change his diaper and get him dressed without a struggle (normally its like an MMA match). Then, he quietly put on his socks and shoes and brought me his coat. Once he was ready to go, he brought me my shoes, coat and purse! Such a helpful little guy. Knowing he can take on small tasks will help A LOT when the baby comes.

The basement floor and toilet installation are DONE! And, even better, no leaks or breaks! WOO! Phase 2 will be new sink installation (ours is 40 years old, rusted out, and creepy). Phase 3 will be new paint and trim. And then Phase 4 (which I am nervous about) will be tile demolition in the shower (the current tile is icky white with bows. BOWS, people) along with new tile and new shower door. It is the never ending project, but that bathroom will be SO badass when it’s done. AND, even better, completely our style!

Scarlett approves of Phase 1

Tonight, my grandmother & both of my mom’s sisters will be flying into town. They’re here to visit all of us, but mostly (as it was made abundantly clear) to see Griffin, since they cant make it for Christmas this year. Griffin doesn’t even know the massive spoiling and attention grabbing he’s about to endure. In fact, he’s skipping school to spend ALL DAY with them at my parent’s house tomorrow without Drew & I even being there to deflect his glory. I can only imagine what he’ll be allowed to eat and get away with in my absence.


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