Phase 4.5

Ok, so I would have waited to post more about the bathroom until after the shower was completed, but I couldn’t wait. We’re SO CLOSE to being finished and the room is just so comfortable already!

I love the pops of red 
funny the difference a plant & some towels can make!

Drew will probably tackle the shower renovation next weekend, but until then we have a pretty shower curtain hiding the horror of this:

Griffin has been doing a lot of asking us to “hit the rock” which is always a good time. He’s also spent most of the day hilariously running around in circles, dancing, and leaping off things like a crazy person, except for when he was being sweet and snuggly. His new thing is laying down next to us and getting as close as he can and then gently petting our hair or the side of our face. *swoon*! He was incredibly well behaved today, including taking a super long nap and then going right to sleep at bed time! It’s so easy to love that kid.

I’m trying to keep my holiday spirit under wraps until after Thanksgiving, but it’s getting REALLY HARD. I keep plotting Christmas gifts, decorations, and handmade treats in my head. This year is going to be EXTRA fun since Griffin is so active and really loves to play. I can’t wait!! Luckily next week is a very short week for me, and then I get my License to Yule!


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