One day down, one to go

Work was horribly annoying today. I woke up with a splitting headache that never quite went away. It was also the first actual day of registration for our freshmen and I had a barrage of students who “didn’t know” they needed PINs or advising and “never got” the 72 emails I sent them before they decided today was an emergency. Then I had to make my hiring decisions, and while I will have a GREAT team, I still needed to turn down 17 other candidates which is never fun. Argh. I don’t know why, but for some reason short weeks are always like that. Since tomorrow is my last day before I’m off, I’m sure it will drag on FOREVER.

BUT, after work, the evening was grand! When I went to pick Griffin up from daycare, I found out that they think he is actually verbally & socially advanced so they’re moving him up to the next level room early! Then, we had my parents and brother over for dinner (enchilada casserole- MMMmmm) and had a great time!

Brian hugging Griffin goodbye & getting an unanticipated dog kiss
Also: we haven’t done any more work on the bathroom, but I forgot to post a picture of the valance I made:
not bad for a fabric remnant , a few hooks & a branch!

I have been Christmas “online window shopping” lately and I’m getting SUPER excited!! My “holiday gift recipient” list is done. Griffin is going to be so fun to buy for, and I already have lots of other gift ideas ready to go! Yay!


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