New Traditions

A few years ago, Drew and I decided to go up to Evergreen around Christmastime to do paint your own pottery. We ended up making a day of it and getting our Christmas tree at the same time. We have awesome memories of that day, and I decided to translate it into a family tradition! From now on, we will go up to Evergreen the weekend after Thanksgiving so that each kid can paint their own Christmas ornament. Then, the following weekend when we go pick up the completed pieces, we will also get our tree! So, today Griff got to do some painting!

on the way up, we saw the buffalo herd!

Griff thought they were very cool. 
Majestic Buffalo!

Griffin picked out the owl ornament.
the art was painstaking at first
…and then he just went for it!

after paining, he went to visit with the friendly ducks at the creek
So we will go to pick up the finished ornament and our Christmas tree next weekend. I CANT WAIT!! Oh, how I love the smell of pine and getting the inside of the house all decked out. And just in time for Grammy’s visit to Denver and early Christmas celebration in two weeks! YAY!


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