fulfilling Christmas wishes

We had to go BACK to Home Depot today (it has become our home away from home) so I was able to catch some of Griff’s awesomeness on camera. He has been SO enthralled with the Depot lately, in fact, that all we have to say is that we’re going & he gets creepily excited. It is NEVER that easy to get his shoes and socks on.

hugging and kissing the horses. CUTEST. EVER. I cant wait for his face on Christmas Day!
And here he is dancing to Elmo’s version of Jingle Bells. This may be my favorite thing EVER. Kid is freaking hilarious:

Griffin’s new favorite thing in the entire world is the movie Brave. We originally rented it from Red Box and he proceeded to watch it about a million times over the next 2 days. He refers to the movie as “my bear” and asked for it so many times after we returned it, that we ended up buying a copy. Then, when we were at Target today, we saw these giant and adorable super soft stuffed bears- that look just like the one from the movie- WAY on sale! He HAD to have it. What could be more fun than this? I love giving so, so  much!!


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