A Boy & His Dog

Griff & Scarlett are totally BFFs. It is a symbiotic relationship in which Griffin gets to hug and pet her, and she, in return, gets most of his dinner. On the way home from school every day, he gets so excited to see her, and it is routine for him to cheer “YAAAAY, SCARLEY!” before he says anything else. When she licks one of his hands (usually in search of food), he proudly shows everyone, saying “kiss! kiss!”. Griffin’s love comes off as a bit intense occasionally (he chases her a bit too long, or tries to poke an eye as he names her body parts) and she’ll get nervous, but she always puts up with him- likely knowing that there is some meat or veggies being thrown her way if she keeps her teeth to herself. I love that he has a furry friend to grow up with, and I hope he always has happy memories of his old cattle dog.


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