My Girl

We had a very exciting day today! It was my BIG ultrasound appointment where they check all of the baby’s parts, and we found out we’re having a girl! I KNEW IT!! Drew and I are ecstatic. We would have been thrilled either way, but I am SO excited to be able to have the experience of raising each. She is perfect in every way. Right now she weighs about a pound which is in the 49th percentile for weight and she is right on track for her age. 

GIRL! (there was no mistaking it) 
adorable little foot 
angel face
Here is a 5 second video of her heartbeat! I just thought it was neat:
We’re still expecting her at the end of March/ beginning of April and we’ll be able to schedule the surgery in January once the doctor’s schedules are out. I can’t wait to meet her!
Speaking of meeting her, I’d like to introduce you as she does already have a name. Evelyn Matilda (Evvie for short) is currently kicking me in the ribs. She’s going to be a pistol, I can tell. So here is some background on the names:
Evelyn- for some reason, this and Griffin were the two names we had picked out at the very beginning of our relationship and we never stopped loving them. The first time it ever crossed our minds was when we met our next door neighbor in Columbus- she was our age & went by Evvie. We thought it was so beautiful, classy and timeless- and at the time, it was still pretty unique (though I know it’s gaining popularity now!) It is related to the Hebrew name Eve (which means life) and the old French name Aveline (which means bird or hazelnut)!
Matilda- Ok, so some people may not agree with us on this one and that’s ok! We ADORE this name and that’s what matters! There are actually several Matildas on the Keefer side of Drew’s family tree including Empress Matilda herself, so in a way, we consider it a family name. It is also old German for mighty in battle, and it doesn’t get more badass than that! I think it is cool and quirky and tough- just like I hope Evelyn will be herself.
And I was right, this did kick my excitement into high gear and we are plotting the nursery as we speak. I am trying to decide between a slightly woodland fairy-ish theme or a slightly carnival theme. Here is a piece of art I’m considering for each one so you can see where I’m going:

Drew is kinda leaning woodlands, I’m kinda leaning carnival. Of course we needed to find SOMETHING to argue about! Luckily we need to clean out the nursery first which is going to take QUITE AWHILE. Lots of time to ponder. 


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