boy time

This is a crazy week. I have stuff going on every night for work so I’m not getting home until after 7. It’s all good stuff, but it makes me feel like I’m not able to get anything done at home!

At least I had Tuesday! Griff and I had a mommy-boy day on Tuesday. We laid around in our jammies and read books, watched movies, and ate pancakes. It was an AWESOME day since we never really get to have alone time like that, and he was such a sweetheart the entire time. And it DID get me out of an evening where I would have otherwise been there until 7 again. Though at one point, we went to the store and this happened:

he kept trying to hug the floor. Miiiiiinor Brave obsession.

Last night was my office holiday party. Drew and Griff got to meet everyone I work with and had an awesome time hanging out & eating lots of good food. My big boss (the Dean of Students) was there with his son who is Griffin’s buddy from school, so the boys were THRILLED!

getting the office set up for the party. I think our reception area is SO cozy!
Griff running around like a madman with one of our office ball chairs.  And it WAS an ugly Christmas sweater party, so he is dressed crazy on purpose.

The only annoying thing was that it was almost 75 degrees yesterday! We literally had to keep the office windows open in order to have the fireplace going. I was all for nice weather for awhile, but now I’m just irritated. I need a cold snap & some snow so I can really get into the holiday spirit!! Luckily, I think we’re supposed to get some cooler weather late this weekend. Fingers crossed!!

The Little Girl has been kicking up a storm! She must know we’ve been talking about her a lot. I’m starting to have regular meetings with my boss regarding my maternity leave (and how I will coordinate my projects while I’m gone) and I met with HR yesterday about getting the paperwork squared away for my actual time off! I’m trying to decide how long I will take. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like I’ve had such exciting things going on at work that I’d WANT to get back quickly, but at the same time I know I’m going to need LOTS of recovery & bonding time! Decisions!

Also, see the poll on the right hand side of the screen!! I need help trying to figure out how to spell Evelyn’s nickname. It will be pronounced Eh-vee (not Ee-vee), so for that reason, I dont think Evie is right. Those are my other two spelling options! Thanks for the help!


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