This weekend we had Grammy B all the way from Ohio! We were all thrilled about the visit since it had been a long time & we had lots of catching up to do! It had to be a short trip, but we packed a LOT in. On Friday night, we did an early Christmas gift exchange between the adults. It was very low key and sweet, with lots of laughing and conversation peppered in. I feel like I was TOTALLY spoiled and I got some really awesome gifts. I LOVE being surprised on Christmas and I feel like Betsy does that so well!

one of my favorites!

On Saturday, Betsy took us out to pick out Evvie’s crib! SO exciting! Between that and my very first baby girl gifts (also care of Betsy & her friend, Lois) things are DEFINITELY starting to feel real. We’re having a BABY, people!!

After that, Griffin got HIS Christmas gifts from Grammy (who he has taken to calling mi-ma, btw). I don’t know if I have ever seen that kid so jazzed.

with his new Sponge Bob pillow, now his BFF
helping Grammy open his Big Prize
A SANDBOX!!! Spring will be SO. FUN.
drawing on his Spongebob tablet. he caught on to this SUPER fast.
trying to check out his new LIGHT UP AVENGERS SHOES while on-foot

Unfortunately, that was pretty much the last time Griffin was cheerful that weekend. I don’t know if he was sick the whole time (he ended up coming down with a mild stomach bug on Sunday) or if it was just typical Terrible Two crabbiness, but he STRESSED. ME. OUT.

Saturday night also happened to be the first night of Hanukkah, so like last year, I made a savory kugel and we lit the menorah. I was glad that we got to have a few nice, quiet dinners at home while she was here. I LOVE having someone to cook for other than my picky boys.

Because Griffin ended up getting sick on Sunday, we stayed in and kept it low-key. We mostly watched movies and chatted while I finished packing Christmas gifts to mail this week. At one point though, this happened:

Griffin: go!
me: go?
Griffin: goooooo!
me: go where?
Griffin: Depot.
me: uhhh…
Drew: did he just ask to go to Home Depot?
Griffin: yeah!
Betsy: really?!?
Griffin: (getting increasingly whiny and intense) Depot! Cart! Depot!
me: wow, he is being weirdly clear about that.
Griffin: Hoooooome.
Drew: you ARE home, buddy.
Griffin: Depot!

So, yeah- Drew and Betsy took my weirdo kid to Home Depot as though it was the zoo or Disney Land. Apparently he had a GRAND time. I guess that was the upside of his day and it got them all out of the house!


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