new meaning & 24 weeks!

Now that Griffin is old enough to get excited about new toys and really wants to play, Christmas has an entirely new meaning. Last year was fun since it was his first, but he wasn’t very into it. This year has already been a BLAST. We got to witness our first gift excitement when Grammy was in town last weekend. Then tonight, some packages came in the mail from Papa and Great-Papa! Normally I’d save them so he has an even more magical Christmas day, but since this whole concept is new to him, we thought we’d spread things out a bit more so he can actually enjoy each present without getting overwhelmed. Well, Griffin thought he died and went to heaven tonight with a dragon, a garbage truck, and his own farm!!

loading trash cans into the truck. Why does EVERY boy love garbage trucks?
his garbage truck driver serves double duty as a farmer

I didn’t get a pic of him with the dragon, but I wish everyone could have seen his face when it started walking toward him and roared. Pure magic! Hopefully it made up for any non-pajama angst from school today!

And today I am officially 6 months pregnant! I am starting to feel enormous and I know that this is NOTHING compared to how I’ll feel in 12 weeks or so.

mama sized

After that picture was taken, I sat on the couch and Griffin ran over for some snuggles. I LOVE when he gets in moods like that. Drew just happened to capture:

and sitting like this, Griffin felt Evvie kick for the first time!! SO sweet!

We also got awesome news today that Drew’s cousin, Angela is moving to Denver at the end of the month!! It will be so wonderful for all of us to have more family in town. We hope to have her over for dinner as soon as she arrives!


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