long days & long nights

From things at work, to things at home, it has been an insane week in pretty much every aspect of my life. I’m not the best sleeper anyway, but stress exacerbates it, so I am TIRED.

This is pretty much done! Yay!

But now I need to worry about this:

which, as it turns out, necessitates an electrician
And this:
which was, apparently, Drew’s attempt at organizing before he realized he had no idea where to put anything (now my job)
And this: 
regular toddler mess made to feel even more overwhelming because of the above.
I hate that I come home from a long day at work to an even longer night at home. I hate that I can spend hours cleaning and organizing to have my work completely shredded in a matter of moments. The projects never end and I’m just OVER IT. I’m longing (make that DYING) for some basic comfort, organization, and relaxation. I feel like we have been living like this FOREVER.
But, at least we all seem to be over the flu! Drew and I have residual coughs here and there, but for the most part we’re all back to normal. And I went to the doctor on Monday and he seems to think that Evvie is super healthy and doing great! I go back for another ultrasound in two weeks to check on my placenta (since the last time they thought there was a slight chance of placenta previa) but I’m pretty confident that it will be fine!
And Griffin has been doing awesome! His sleep problems for the most part seem to be completely gone. We transitioned him from the high chair to the table and now he eats really well. And even though he IS a toddler and still has those mood swings, he spends a lot of his day being sweet- so that DEFINITELY helps!
Is this progress?


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