Birthdays out the Wazoo!

I write Griffin a letter every 6 months, and I’m missing a big one- for TWO!! I promise I’ll do it before the month is out, but things have been CRAZY around here and by the end of the night, I’m literally ready to collapse into bed.

So, Griffin (obviously) turned two last week! I still can’t believe it- time has gone by so fast. Even though I had to work that day, I got up early to make him blueberry pancakes and we gave him a few presents. Then Drew created an entire day of fun for him including swimming at the indoor pool, playing on the playground, feeding the chickens at the Clear Creek History Park, getting ice cream at the local sweet shop, and watching as much Sponge Bob Square Pants as he wanted. This is Griffin post festivities:

napping HARD.

For dinner, I made him his favorite: homemade macaroni and cheese! Then he got more presents and cake! Then he got to Face Time with Grammy, Aunt Cory & Uncle Steve, and Grandma & Grandpa! Action. Packed.

blowing out candles actually did NOT go well. Griffin was pretty pissed about it, actually.

The only bad part was that Griff accidentally closed his finger in one of the lockers at the Rec Center after swimming, which cracked his nail & gave him a nice gash. He handled it like a champ, but he has been nursing his “owie” ever since. Poor kid.

Then, this weekend my parents came over to celebrate BOTH of our birthdays! Griff & I both got some super sweet gifts and my mom made some INCREDIBLE cupcakes. Griff was super pumped, but since he has had a steady stream of gifts coming in since before Christmas, I think he also started to think it was par for the course! He has definitely become a Pro Gift Unwrapper. He’ll be pretty disappointed next month!

G & his new train set

The same day I also got a GORGEOUS casserole in the mail from Betsy- hand crafted & all the way from Mexico!! It is so pretty, it immediately went into the china cabinet.

On Sunday we went to Home Depot (surprise, surprise) which may have actually been a gift to Griff since he weirdly ADORES that place.

he spends days begging to ride in their gd cart. weirdo.

I found some cool decorative metal and asked Drew to attach it to the back of the frame I already had hanging in our bedroom. So now I can hang earrings & other jewelry right on it as well as using the hooks that were on the wall. Pretty crafty, eh?

And today is my actual birthday. 35 feels pretty ugly, I gotta say. 30? Totally fine. Excited, even! 35? Old & creepy. Drew & Griffin gave me some nice presents last night though, and I just bought myself a cute non-maternity tank top for this summer! We have a catered lunch at work today and I’ll pick up something awesome for dinner. Those things always help a bit. 🙂


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