Ebbie’s Woom

We’ve been doing a lot of work in the nursery lately (or Ebbie’s woom as Griffin calls it) and it’s SO CLOSE to being done! Really- what was once a wasteland for all the odds and ends we’ve accumulated throughout our lives is now this relaxing and calm oasis. I can hardly believe it.

although this is the “before” picture, most of the junk mountains had been cleared out by this point so there is really no “justice” for the before sitch.

We cleaned, organized, patched, painted, built and set up. Well, mostly Drew did, but I was clearly the brains behind the whole operation. The nursery closet shares a wall with the downstairs bathroom and it had two access panels cut into it. Drew was attempting to patch them up so that Evvie wouldn’t be tempted to get into them one day, and we noticed that both the hot and cold water pipes feeding into the bathroom sink were slightly leaking. I called a plumber (one of those big companies) and the guy told us that there was galvanized connected to the copper and the chemical reaction had started a leak. He told us he needed to cut out the galvanized and replace it, the cost for that? $1500. RIGHT. So we immediately sent him away, seeking a second opinion. I didn’t believe for a SECOND that a few drips should set us back that much. So I found a different guy that came VERY highly recommended through the Highlands Mommies group I belong to. He came out & gave us the exact same diagnosis, but his cost? $220. Yeah. So we now officially have a new plumber! So at least all that got taken care of leaving us the fun stuff to worry about!

view from the doorway
this cute little dresser is actually an old wash stand from the late 1800s that we found at an antique store!
the closet doors are chalkboard paint, and the changing pad will go on top of her built-in desk
the beautiful crib we got from Betsy!

My mom and I went out fabric shopping last weekend and got lots of stuff- some beautiful and sophisticated, some just over the top adorable. My favorite is this one:

She’s using them to make curtains, a quilt (based on this idea):

and to re-cover the pennants on this otherwise PERFECT bed canopy that we found at ikea:

Since I also found perfect crib sheets at Target for SUPER cheap, all we will really need to complete the nursery is a crib skirt and bumper.

There is another fabric I am completely in love with (this:)

and I contacted this SUPER talented lady on Etsy about making me a bumper out of it, but she hasn’t contacted me back yet. Pfft. There’s still time, I suppose.

Anyway, there are still big things we need, and a lot is still up in the air (the biggest being what our daycare situation will look like) but at least I feel like we have a place for Evvie to sleep when she comes! And more importantly, I am feeling more relaxed about things, more excited, and my daughter is starting to feel like a real person as opposed to this figment of my imagination. The countdown is on!


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