32 weeks and Weekend in Review

As of Thursday, I was 32 weeks! Less than 2 months left to go. I’m getting so excited to meet our Princess! (especially since I don’t know how much more I can expand to accommodate her. I feel like I grew so much just in the past 2 weeks!)

And I am carrying her WAY differently than I carried Griffin- much higher & way out front, so I feel like I’m always just a little off balance.

We’ve had a fun and productive weekend, though now we’re all EXHAUSTED!

Yesterday I had brunch with Stacey and Jacqui, two of my favorites. I’ve been a LOT more social lately than normal- I’ve been hanging out every weekend! For me, that is CRAZY. I feel like I need to pack it all in before I have another tyrant (ie newborn) running our lives again! After that, Drew organized the laundry room which I am SO thankful for. Ever since he started the various basement projects, the laundry room had been FILLED with remnants, tools, and clutter- I could barely get to the washing machine! Now, nice and open. Ahhh.

Today we took Griffin to the indoor pool & playground at the Golden Rec Center. We felt like he had a boring snow day yesterday, so we thought we’d take him out for some fun. He had a TOTAL blast. He spent over an hour in the pool and still didn’t want to get out- he was all pruney by the time we dragged him away.

climbing the rope ladder. cant get over what a BOY he’s becoming- not my baby anymore!

After a fun lunch at Woody’s, Griffin fell HARD into a long nap (he’s still sleeping almost 2 hours later!) and I started cooking!! I’m SUPER pumped- I decided to make freezer meals each week until Evvie is born so that we can have easy dinners around & not worry about cooking in the early weeks. All we’ll have to do is pick a bag, thaw it & dump it into the crock pot or onto the stove. Brilliant! Today’s cooking adventure was actually more assembly than anything & was amazingly easy. An hour or so later, I have Cuban braised beef, cranberry chicken, enchilada cups, pineapple jerk pork chops, creamy beef tips, bbq chicken, Italian wedding soup, cheesy spinach & pasta casserole, and chicken green chili all ready to go and waiting for us! LOVING the deep freezer right now!! Best part? My grocery bill for ALL of those ingredients, PLUS stuff for lunches & dinners this week was exactly $100. WINNING.


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