April Fools!

Evelyn finally has a birthday set! We will meet our little girl on April First!!

I am SO excited to finally know when she’s going to be here. We knew she had to be scheduled sometime during my 39th week (3/28-4/4), but we found out a month ago that the specific doctor we want to deliver her has no availability those last couple of days in March. We’ve been waiting and WAITING for an April surgery schedule to come out since then, to no avail. Even today when I checked in, there was no public schedule ready. But then when I mentioned it to my awesome doc, he was like “hmmm. Lets just skip the middle man and schedule this right now.” He was available on April 1, and DONE. He still needs to set the time and we’ll finalize that at my next appointment, but he’s handling everything with the hospital- all we’ll have to do is show up!

Drew is all upset that it falls on April Fools Day, as he thinks she’ll be made fun of for it. I just think that it will make her a bad ass and an awesome prankster. 🙂 In all actuality, I doubt many people even make the correlation, and I think April 1, 2013 looks like a perfectly lovely day to be born. Plus, this means I’ll still be home on Easter, and Griffin will not only get to have a normal holiday at home (instead of another one spent in the hospital), but one last holiday as an only child. That means a LOT to me.

It’s weird to set a date ahead of time for a person to be born. With Griffin, I had no idea, so I spent weeks in eager anticipation. We waited and waited for him to show up, and while part of that was stressful, it contributed to a lot of the excitement as well. This feels a bit unnatural, but there are benefits too. I can do a better job of planning at work. Betsy can actually schedule her trip. Oh, and I can finally order that piece of birthstone jewelry I wanted to symbolize the kids! 🙂 Of course, this means I’ll probably go into labor a week early and all of this will go flying out the window (Drew and I have a tendency toward that type of luck). We’ll see!


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