I am 35 weeks pregnant today! With everything going on, I never had a chance to post my 34 week picture, so here it is:

I need a haircut. I’m looking a bit frizzled.

I am literally getting to the point where even my maternity shirts are starting to feel a little snug. I forgot just how awkward and uncomfortable the last few weeks of pregnancy are. And as nervous as we’ve been about how we will afford the new baby and balance our lives, I am SO ready for her to be born now!! My desire to meet her AND have my body back far outweigh everything else!

We’re up and running again with our internet, so Drew is very happy (he and Steve have video game dates and Drew gets VERY crabby if he misses them). I’m mostly just thrilled that our cable/ internet bills will now be HALF of what we were paying before!! Technology is such a racket…

We spent last Saturday in downtown Denver. We realized it had been a long time since we all hung out there, and it was a nice day, so no better time. We had breakfast at Sam’s (where Griffin colored his paper hat but refused to wear it), went to REI (where he spent FOREVER playing on their cool indoor playground and Drew bought me an awesome new purse), and then we walked around by the river. I’m glad we decided to do that, because we got a HUGE snow storm on Sunday! It was absolutely beautiful and we SO needed the moisture so we loved every second- but it also meant we had a lazy day inside snuggling and watching movies!

In Evvie news, we have an OFFICIAL birth time planned! My c-section has been scheduled for 9:30 am on April 1… so unless she decides to visit us earlier (which she WONT, if she’s anything like her brother) that is exactly when we’ll meet her! That is now less than 5 weeks away- I can hardly believe it!! My mom is done with Evvie’s curtains and we should get those when they babysit Griffin this weekend. Her special crib bumper should be shipped next week, and my tiny shower (more of a sprinkle!) is a week from Sunday. After that, I need to get through 2 INSANE weeks of pre-registration advising, then Betsy flies in, it’s Easter and the baby is here! Things are definitely happening!!

We just found out the other day that Drew’s sister has been dealing with an awful nerve disorder lately. She’s working with doctors & figuring out treatment, but in the meantime it’s been very painful & stressful for her- so we’ve been really concerned. She’s tough & will get it under control (hopefully sooner rather than later!) so we know it will be fine in the long run, but it is always hard to feel so far away when things like this happen. There is so much we WISH we could do- to help out, and just show support- so frustrating! We love you, C!!


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