Spring Fever

I’ve been dreaming of salads and lighter meals. I have been pining over canvas shoes and summer dresses. I’ve been craving watermelon and long walks and warmer days. It doesn’t help that I’m also SO uncomfortable now. It lends itself to daydreaming of feeling physically uninhibited while being able to hold my new baby in my arms.

In fact, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with taking my body back these days, which is weird because I’ve never been more proud of my body than when I’ve been pregnant. I lost my pregnancy weight in record time without even trying before, so it’s not pounds that I’m concerned with. Instead, it’s strength and agility and tone. It is aging well and gracefully instead of uncomfortably. It is gaining energy and drive that I can use with my young family.  I never went through this feeling with Griffin, so I’m wondering if there is some sort of subconscious association with my child-bearing being complete. I will never be soft and pregnant again, so it’s time to get into shape.

So in addition to the regular seasonal distraction that comes at the end of every long winter, I am also reading health journals and exercise blogs. I am planning active family activities that we can include Griffin and Evvie in. I am scouring the internet for inexpensive nursing sports bras and comfy workout gear. And, I just signed myself up for TWO races to get my ass in gear.

Because of the nature of the surgery (the separation of my abdominal muscles in addition to the multiple layers that are cut and then stitched up) I am not actually allowed to exercise AT ALL beyond gentle stretching and light walking for 6-8 weeks afterwards. And because I am TERRIFIED of going through the recovery I did last time, I am going to be as easy on myself as possible. But after that, I plan on a slow but steady training regimen! My first race (a 5k) is on August 4th, which gives me 8 weeks to train after I’m cleared for cardio. Totally doable! Then my second race (a 10k!!) is on October 6th- which I think gives me a really good and achievable goal. I am excited!

I’m not expecting to ever be a “runner”. Even when I was an athlete, it was not something I identified with. But it IS free! And it IS on my schedule! And it IS a phenomenal way to utilize all of my muscles and strengthen my heart and bones. After Evvie is born, I’ll need to go back to my pre-pregnancy PCOS diet and medication regimen which will help as well.

So to summer and health- get ready, here I come!


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