some fun things

It has been BUSY lately! I’m 36 1/2 weeks pregnant now- less than 3 weeks from meeting baby girl! I actually forgot to have Drew take the 36 week picture last Thursday, so here it is late!


On Saturday we got a few more things done in Evvie’s room. We’re getting close!

we knew we wanted to hang the window, but couldn’t figure out what to put behind it. then Drew found this tree decal- PERFECT!! I think its gorgeous (and I love the lanterns with it!)
Drew also found her these western letters a few weeks ago, so we hung those too. Turned out really cute! (Drew has been impressing me lately)

All we need for the nursery to be complete is the bumper that is being sent to us this week and the canopy that my mom is finishing. I cant wait!

Sunday was my baby shower- and it was BEAUTIFUL. I was conflicted on the idea of a shower to begin with since it’s our second baby. I know some people feel strongly that people are only entitled to one. But when my mom offered to throw one, I realized that it is really a welcome to the baby- and a celebration of a new life. And while having your first baby is INCREDIBLY exciting (and you really NEED all the stuff!) this event would be just as special to us- because our daughter is just as important as our son, and because this signifies the completion of our family. Our family now being whole is something we think about a lot, something we really honor. For that reason, this shower was even a bit more meaningful and intimate than our first. So I knew I wanted it to be small, with just my closest friends and family, and that I wanted Drew and Griffin to be there- because they are just as important in this process as I am. Some people couldn’t make it- due to distance or time- but it was still such a wonderful experience. We had some DELICIOUS food, laughed a lot- and of course there were adorable presents!

my mom decided on a twinkle, twinkle little star theme & sent everyone home with a set of star cookie cutters

my cousin’s wife HAND DECORATED this wrapping paper. I was crazy impressed.
couldn’t you just DIE??

We were overwhelmed by love and gratitude. How lucky we are to have such wonderful people in our lives, and to have our daughter be so eagerly anticipated.

Then today, my boss & co-workers threw me a surprise shower!! I knew for weeks that we had a lunch meeting today, but I totally thought it was about budget. I was completely floored when I walked into a decorated conference room! They went all out with food & gifts, and I had a wonderful time. I’m so lucky to work in such a supportive & warm environment!

Tonight as I was putting Griffin to bed, I read him the Big Brother book Betsy got him. It talks all about what its like to be a big brother & how special it is. When it was over I said “and YOU are the big brother!” Griffin got this HUGE look of pride on his face, patted my cheek & said “love her, mommy. baby good.” TEARS. Sweetest thing ever. Talk about being lucky. Sigh.


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