to my only child

Dear Griffin,

This is your last week ever as an only child. I normally write you a letter every 6 months- on your birthday and half birthday, but I missed the last one- the BIG one- for two. I felt so guilty about it- and I still do- but then I realized that in some ways, this is an even bigger milestone for you. In just a week you will be transformed forever into a Big Brother.

And what a Big Brother you will be! You love patting my tummy while telling me we are gentle with the baby. You talk to Evvie all the time, even telling her you love her. You know all about Evvie’s room and her things, and you tell us you are excited to meet her. We’ve always been lucky that you’re an incredibly sweet boy in general. You still love to snuggle and give kisses. You rub our backs or pat our heads when we look sad. You are always trying to find ways to help, even if it’s just putting on your own shoes. And you’re wonderful at sharing, whether its food or your favorite toy.

you thought sharing ice cream with daddy was the BEST thing EVER.

Evvie is SO LUCKY to have you. And one day you will feel lucky to have her. You will have a relationship that no other person will ever be able to fill. Siblings can find ways to irritate you like no one else on the planet ever could, but they will also be your biggest champion. Try to remember that no matter what, you are on the same team.

But I also don’t want you to get lost in being a brother. You are your own person and your dad and I adore you for it. You are SO smart- you have been counting to 10 and singing your ABCs. You can name pretty much every super hero and Star Wars character in creation. You are getting better and better at putting together long sentences. You ask us “what’s that” CONSTANTLY, but what’s cooler is that you recite the answer back to yourself, and you almost always remember for next time! And you LOVE to “read”, whether its with us or to yourself. You love to talk to us on the phone when we’re away, to tell us we’re missed and what you’re doing. You and daddy FaceTime me on my late nights at work and it’s my favorite time of the day.

You are HILARIOUS. We spent forever just this morning laughing until we cried making faces at each other. You like to try to play tricks on us or catch us with a tickle. And you figure out weirder and weirder things to do if you think we’ll find it funny. You’re incredibly brave and athletic. I haven’t found a single thing that scares you yet. That combined with the fact that you’re agile enough to climb and leap off of anything in sight has led to countless potential heart attacks. You have energy that I could never fathom and you could run in circles for days.  I think this sums you up pretty well right now:

While I know that your dad and I are doing something wonderful for you by giving you a sister, there are times that it makes me feel a bit guilty. I know this will forever change our family. You’re not the only child anymore! I know this will forever change your perspective- you are now a Big Brother with all the responsibility that goes with it! And in some small ways, I am sorry that we made these giant choices for you. But no matter how old you are, no matter what you do, or what is going on in your life, you will ALWAYS be our baby boy. You will ALWAYS be our first born.  You will ALWAYS be our only son. You will always be incredibly special to us and will occupy your OWN place in our hearts. You are your own person and we will never forget that. In fact, we honor it.

We took you out to dinner tonight for the last time as a family of three. You LOVE pizza and sports, so we went to Woody’s where they have both. For once, there was this supreme balance of you being well behaved and your dad and I having extra patience. I think we all realized it was a special occasion, and we all had a great time. I want to cherish these last few moments I have with you before your sister is born. We’re incredibly excited for Evvie’s arrival. Being a complete family is going to make our lives even better. And these most certainly will not be the last moments you and I have alone. But they are the last days of us having an only child. The last minutes of our relationship as it exists now, before it grows into something greater. So I want to remember you, my precious little boy, as you are in these moments forever.

I love you more than I could ever put into words, and I always will. You and your sister are the best things that have ever happened to me.




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