One Week

Well, we’re officially parents of two! Evelyn Matilda Keefer was born a week ago yesterday and our lives will never be the same. I know we haven’t seen her true personality yet (all newborns really do is sleep), but so far she’s been wonderfully sweet and good natured. She VERY rarely cries (when she does, she’s given us fair warning first & we just haven’t moved fast enough!) and she is a champion sleeper and eater. Of course, its not fair to compare her at this stage to Griffin considering that when he was a week old, we were still dealing with his jaundice, my infection & illness, and the fact that my milk still hadn’t come in. Thankfully, none of those things apply this time!

And speaking of Griffin, he ADORES the baby. We really wouldn’t ask for a better older brother. He gets excited to see her every time they’re in the same room, he loves hugging & kissing her, and he’s been INCREDIBLY helpful. Drew and I are literally moved to tears occasionally at the sweetness of it. We feel so very lucky.

That being said, Griffin IS still two, so it is intense trying to parent them both together. Griffin doesn’t realize his own size and strength, so we have to ALWAYS be on guard when he’s near the baby. Even normal things like playing with certain toys can get dangerous depending on how close he is to her! He is also full of energy, so there is lots of running and chasing and playing. PLUS, he has decided it’s time to be potty trained (he kept asking to go on the potty- its not like we’d say no!) so we’ve invested in his own potty & we’re starting that process! It takes both of us to parent the two of them for sure- so my worry is not about Evvie herself, as much as taking both of them on alone when Drew goes back to work in a few weeks!

I am feeling great, for the most part. I had a few achey, exhausted & nauseous days when I first got home from the hospital, but now I’m almost myself! The problem with that is that I HATE spending lots of time “relaxing”- I’d much rather take care of things around the house that need to be done, and I’m really supposed to be “taking it easy” still. Yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided (against Drew’s advice) to do laundry, dishes, make dinner, make the bed… and I’m feeling it today.  Lesson learned. I haven’t changed out of my pajamas or left the bed yet today- instead, I’m all caught up on HGTV. I guess it’s not SO bad.

Like Griffin, Evvie has her own birth story which I intend to write in a few days. And hers (thankfully) was MUCH different than her brother’s. Until then, we’d just like to say a HUGE thank you to Drew’s mom, Betsy. She came in and took care of everyone for a week, and just left on Sunday. We would NOT have been able to manage without her, as among other things, she was instrumental in keeping Griffin feeling loved and secure while we were away! We miss her already!

the first time Griff met Evvie!
dad and his girl
Griff did such a good job being gentle
my babies!

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