Two Weeks

Life is good.

We’ve sort of settled into a routine, and while it isnt easy by any stretch of the imagination, it is still wonderful. Evelyn is still an incredible sleeper, and we feel insanely lucky. I remember being delirious with exhaustion through Griffin’s newbornhood,  and while we do still get up with Evvie during the night, we’re very much rested for the most part! I hope this lasts!

sure doesnt mean we dont need naps though

Evvie had her two week doctor’s appointment last week and she looks perfect! She’s already gained back her birth weight plus some (that took FOREVER for Griffin to achieve!) and she had her second round of blood taken for her PKU tests. Now we don’t have to go back until June! I have my first doctor’s appointment since the surgery today. Minus some occasional achiness, I’ve been feeling GREAT lately, so I’m hoping I get cleared for some activity!

how 80s is this outfit?
Griffin has been going to school two days a week. We thought it was important to still send him occasionally so he stayed familiar with it, and to maintain some sort of routine for him. He likes seeing his friends, and we like feeling like we’re on vacation! Since Evvie sleeps so much during the day, it’s almost like we’re childless every Tuesday and Thursday (except for feedings and diaper changes every 2-3 hours, of course). We’ve gotten to catch up on housework, check out new stores, go out to lunch, watch movies… all the things that Griffin would normally never tolerate. It’s SO nice for Drew and I to have some time to reconnect and enjoy each other considering that when both kids are home, our hands are really full and we’re like ships passing in the night! I will really miss having those days with him once he goes back to work at the end of the month.

chillin’ with mama

 On the days Griffin is home with us, the house is loud and chaotic, in the most endearing way. Our day starts around 6am when he wants to crawl into bed and watch cartoons with us and is filled with running and laughter and play for the rest of the day. We spend our time juggling the kids… Drew plays games with Griff while I feed Evvie, or I read to Griff while Drew rocks Evvie. Griffin has occasionally been a bit of a handful (mostly because he is two, but also because his life has completely changed) so we’re doing our best to help ease him through while maintaining our patience (and sanity). It’s slow going, but things are better every day.  We also try to get Griffin out of the house a couple of days a week. It’s been hard recently because it KEEPS SNOWING (ugh!!!) but Drew has taken him swimming, to the playground, to Home Depot (I know, I know…) all of his favorite places. Griffin is really going to miss Drew when he goes back to work too!

rare time spent in her actual bed with her new friends

Meanwhile, Griffin still ADORES Evvie. Whenever he sees her, he coos “hiiiii, Ebbieeeee…” in the sweetest way. I need to get a recording of it so I never, ever forget how it sounds.

I love this outfit so, so much. And the slippers… THE SLIPPERS!!

We also have an official daycare plan! Drew and I have both reworked our schedules- he will go in early (5 days a week now instead of 4) and I will go in late, so that we can continue to send the kids to our current daycare, only part time. It will still be expensive ($150 more a WEEK than we were paying before), but we love and trust the center, it is exceedingly convenient,  Griffin can stay where he is familiar with the people and the surroundings, and it beats the HELL out of all the other options we found. We are THRILLED, even if it does mean we will be pretty strapped for cash for the next few years!

So, all that being said, life is good right now! REALLY good!


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