I was running…

Well, Operation Get In Shape is underway. I’ve been hiking, doing yoga, and recently I started running again! It has been YEARS since I’ve done any significant outdoor runs, so I’m taking it slow and using the Couch to 5k program. I LOVE it!! The workouts are difficult but manageable and slowly build up your endurance. The hills in our neighborhood kill me, but finishing a workout feels AMAZING. I am running 3 races this summer starting with the Evergreen Town Race 5k and Color Me Rad 5k in August. My friend Letty is running both of those with me which should give me a push in my training- it keeps me accountable! Then I’m running the Golden Gallop 10k in October- so my goal is to be in 10k shape within 4 1/2 months!! Of course that means consistently running through the beastly summer months, but I can do it if I stick to morning & evening excursions. I’m hoping that between that & hiking with the fam this summer, I’ll end up in the best shape of my adult life!


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