Father’s Day

I had a great day at home with the kids yesterday. We played games, read books, made chalk drawings outside, planted some flowers, and did chores. I even had time to catch up on True Blood while they took extra long naps! It seems like we finally got the swing of things right before I have to go back to work. Depressing. But at least it means I’ll be going back on a good note, and it also means that all of our time together should get better and better from here on out. Although it’s apparently too late for my brain since this is what happened when Griffin asked me for crackers this afternoon:

apparently I had milk on the brain.

We had another good weekend too. Drew went to see Man of Steel on Friday night as part of his Father’s Day gift. On Saturday we did some more celebrating and gave Drew his other gift: The Fatherly Fun and Relaxation Kit, which consisted of Superman pajama pants, Mexican coke, squirt guns, his favorite snacks, a 5280 magazine, and some other stuff. This resulted in the most adorable water fight I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I only captured the last few minutes of it:

Saturday night we had Angela and Jacob over for dinner again. They insisted on bringing dinner, which was amazingly sweet of them- and we had a great time laughing and chatting. Griffin ADORES them, and was in heaven with all of the extra attention.

We did have a total moment of panic on Saturday. Griffin, Evvie and Drew were all laying in bed watching tv, and Griffin was laying above Evvie with his feet near her. Apparently he was flailing around a bit, so Drew asked him to calm down so that he didn’t accidentally kick her. Griffin then decided to have a moment of defiance and kicked out again, and this time he connected with Evvie’s head. I came running in the room to both kids screaming- Evvie out of pain and fear, and Griffin out of guilt and regret. Evvie is NOT a crier. Prior to this, the most I’ve ever heard her cry was after her 2 month shots, and that time she calmed down after a few minutes with lots of snuggles. This time, she cried and cried and CRIED no matter what I did. Hysterical cries punctuated with those stilted breaths you take in between sobs. It was awful and SO SCARY. Since she’s still so little and he got her directly in the head, we were terrified that some permanent damage could have been done. I was literally minutes away from whisking her to Urgent Care when Drew reminded me that Angela was on her way over. She is a Nurse Practitioner with tons of pediatric experience. Evvie finally calmed down just as they arrived, and Angela gave her a once over and deemed her totally fine. HUGE relief! Although we’ve decided that Griffin probably knocked law school right out of Evvie’s little brain.

Luckily, it WAS an accident and in all reality, Griffin is a total sweetheart. We all know he dotes on his sister constantly with random hugs, kisses, and loving words, but sometimes Drew and I get to be on the receiving end of his big heart too. Tonight I was out watering my plants, and then I came in and sat down next to him. He patted my leg and with a HUGE grin said “you’re back, mommy- you’re BACK!” and rested his head on my shoulder. Swoon.

And finally, here is grandma with her two babies from Fathers Day at my parents’ house!


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