Funny Boy

Yesterday morning Griffin excitedly came running into my bedroom with one of my bras around his neck and said “look, mommy! I’m wearing your cape!”

apparently he thinks I’m a Super Hero

Later that morning we were talking about the fact that his shorts had cute little orange crabs on them. He then says “I am going to tell EVERYONE that I have crabs!” I said “ummm… maybe we should tell them you have crabs on your shorts” and he says “ok! I will tell EVERYONE that I have crabs in my pants!”

I feel like these stories will haunt him when he’s 17.

Then today when we were leaving the house he said “mommy, you’re wearing those bracelets to work?”

he thoroughly inspects my accessories every day

Me: yep! Is that ok?
Griffin: YES! It’s AWESOME!

And last night as I was FaceTiming with Drew & he had Evvie cooing at me, Griffin totally photobombed us.

you can see that Evvie is thrilled

It’s always gotta be all eyes on Griffin. He’s just like his mom.


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