Rockin’ Braid

Griffin continues to be a great source of entertainment. Today he was playing with our old cordless phone that we gave him.

Griffin: Hellooooo! Hellooooo!
Me: Helloooo!
Griffin: (to the phone) Hold on. (to me) NO. *I* am talking to Grammy. No YOU talk to Grammy. MY Grammy. (to the phone) Hellllooooooooo!

It reminded me SO MUCH of Conversations with my Two Year Old:

I braided my hair today and as we were walking to the car Griffin says “what’s that? Ponytail?” I said “no- it’s a braid” to which Griffin replied “rockin’ braid!”

And Griffin CONSTANTLY asks us what we’re doing lately. He probably asks me 20 times a day, expecting a full blown play-by-play. If we dont give him enough detail, he asks over and OVER again. But whenever we ask him what HE is doing, he simply says “not doing”. Well played.


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