it’s been awhile

I’ve neglected the blog for awhile while I let life happen. Between work and home, I had several incredibly busy weeks, but things are starting to slow down for me again. It has been raining here for days. There has been lots of dangerous flooding, mudslides & rock slides in the area, but we have been very lucky. For us, the clouds have been hanging so low that you cant even see the mountain tops anymore, and there is so much rain that South Table has formed a waterfall. While I love the gray, rainy weather (it happens so rarely here that it’s a novelty), it makes me lethargic so life is even slower. Perfect time to write, I suppose.

In the meantime, life has indeed happened! Betsy came out for a visit a week ago and while we were all excited to see her, the kids had a ball. Griffin has been talking about going to Ohio ever since.

snuggle time with Grammy

We also went to “the beach” this weekend! It was blazing hot and sunny for days (funny now considering the current situation!) and we needed to get out of the house. Unfortuantely the water level at the lake was REALLY low, so it wasnt as pretty as usual, but both kids were in love with the water anyway!

We did some mall walking that weekend too. Anything to get out of the heat! Griffin got to go on lots of rides, including the carousel and train!

Griffin has continued to be hilarious. Whenever he is playing with something he’s not supposed to be and I ask him to put it down, he says he’s “just smelling it”. So, my jewelry, Drew’s phone, ball point pens, Evvie’s teethers… he’s smelling them all. He is still in love with the farmers market, as evidenced by his quiet play time with his action figures wherein he has them go to the farmers market to buy peaches & ride the horsey. He has also (unfortunately) become quite the parrot. He tends to repeat the last few words of any sentence we say, but the other day he came up to me and said “my Spider Man broke. That’s fucking dumb.” Soooo, I have Drew to thank for that one. He always said he had “plenty of time” to clean up his language- looks like the time is now!

Griffin has also been incredibly sweet and cute. The other day I was getting ready for work and he said “you look like a princess, mommy.” Swoon!! And then a few nights ago when we had a big thunderstorm, Drew went in to make sure Griffin was ok. While he was being very brave about the whole matter, he was clearly glad to have Drew with him. The next morning we were talking about how loud it was and Griffin said “it was scary in my room. But daddy saved me!”

Evvie also has news of her own! She is growing up SO FAST and has been rolling over on her own, from back to tummy and vice versa. Pretty soon she’ll be rolling around the room! She’s also started eating solid food. We started on cereal, but she’s already on veggies too! Her teacher said she ate an entire container of green beans today and LOVED it. That’s my girl!

Completely unrelated, here are some old family photos my aunt just sent me. I think they are incredible and they make me so happy.

L-R Aunt Betty, Uncle Virgil, Grandpa & Grandma circa 1945

L-R mom’s cousin Eric, Grandma, Aunt Betty & Great Grandma circa 1980

mom & Grandpa circa 1975

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