Today was the kids’ first full day of daycare since my maternity leave. I was anticipating hysteria from one or both of them, but they both handled it exceedingly well. In fact, it was Griffin’s best drop off and pick up in a LONG time. I, on the other hand, spent much of the day feeling guilty and missing them to pieces.

The schedule itself was a dream though. Drew goes in to work later now so he was there this morning to help get the kids ready, watch them while I took a shower (a TRUE luxury) and hang out with us for awhile. Then I got to take the kids in to school at my leisure without worrying about dropping them off to the minute, I got to spend my lunch hour on MYSELF without running around and barely getting a chance to eat, and then we got to have a nice family dinner- something usually reserved for the weekends. Yes, we’re paying for two kids in full time daycare, but damn I feel GOOD.

Griffin was invited to his first birthday party today! One of the little boys he has known since he was 6 months old is turning 3 this week! Where did the time go? The party is at the train museum, so Griffin is PUMPED! It will be cute to see all the kids together outside of school!

Tonight was also Griffin’s parent-teacher conference and it went GREAT! Griffin was assessed at being at or above his age group in every category. He is especially strong in creative functions like story telling, and math/ spatial things like problem solving & recognizing patterns. He can also count higher than most of his friends! They did say that he is very shy in group settings which surprised me, since I thought he generally wants to be the center of attention! The only “brainstorming” item (area for improvement) was pick up/ drop off. Those had been pretty rough for awhile, mostly because I was waking Griffin up & trying to transition him home in the middle of his nap. My guess is that any issues will rectify themselves, but we’re open to suggestions if the need arises!

Unfortunately, we found out that one of our favorite teachers is leaving at the end of this week. She is so wonderful with both of my kids, so she will be missed! I hope her replacement is also awesome.

All of this reinforced to me that we are doing the right thing by keeping the kids in this school. They are loved and cared for, they are nurtured and encouraged, they have good friends, they are given the tools to learn & develop, and I trust the staff implicitly. The director has also demonstrated time and time again that we are more than tuition dollars, and that our family matters to them.


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